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What is ecoLINK?

ecoLINK is a fiber internet and phone service subsidiary formed by your electric cooperative.  It's managed and operated by your co-op employees who embody the same attitude and spirit of the cooperative that you know and trust.


Why is ECE doing this?

Fiber-based internet will allow us to communicate better with our current and future electrical system.  Through improved communications, we can confirm that we are delivering safe and reliable power to all our members.

The staff, employees and directors of your co-op believe it is the co-op's responsibility to offer services that improve the quality of life in the ECE service area.  As technology evolves, so do our members needs.  We believe that reliable, affordable, accessible, and fast internet service is essential for everyone, especially our youth, who depend on internet access for their academic studies.


What are the speeds?

100 Mb (megabits per second) and 1 Gbps (gigabit per second)


Who will ecoLINK be availabe to?

Every ECE member.  Eventually, we will extend service to non-members as well.


When will you begin?

ecoLINK is taking a multi-phase approach (6 phases).  We will be running service from our existing substations first to ensure we provide the best possible electric service.  Before fiber is hung, we must drive all the lines in our system and assess the poles to determine if they are tall enough and can handle the weight of the fiber.  This is currently taking place in the Eufaula lake area (Phase 1).  After this process is complete, construction will begin.



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