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Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Assessments

The first step to solving energy and comfort problems is an energy audit. The ECE Home Energy Assessment can identify areas in your home that could be improved or changed to use electricity more efficiently. The result is increased comfort and lower utility bills.  

Contact our office at 918-756-0833 to request an assessment with our Energy Specialist today!

Another useful tool is the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's Home Energy Saver, an online energy-use analyzer developed for the U.S. Department of Energy. Users can get instant initial estimates for typical and efficient homes in their geographical area or customized results based on self-provided information. The more detailed the information, the more comprehensive the feedback. The service also identifies potential energy-saving strategies and estimates cost-effectiveness.

For general information about energy audits, visit the Department of Energy's website.


Download the 101 Easy Ways To Save guide:




Android or Apple

Create a SmartHub account that will allow you to Check Usage and get Usage Alerts via your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Creating an account takes less than three minutes.  

Together We Save - an interactive website that provides information and suggestions on ways to save energy. Learn how little changes add up to big savings!


Visit the Take Control and Save website to get great tips and use energy saving calculators.





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