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Engineering Support Technician


  • Assists the Engineering Manager, by providing mapping software expertise, engineering field support, and data integrity, as it pertains to the Cooperative’s electric distribution system.
  • Provides computer and GIS/mapping assistance to Fiber, Linemen, Engineering and other ECEC and ecoLINK staff
  • Coordinates Cooperative’s Joint Pole Use Contracts including joint field inspections and annual billing.
  • Assists in collecting field data and maintaining records.



  • REPORTS TO: Engineering Manager




Assists Director of Engineering and the Manager of Engineering and Operations in development and management of programs that pertain to the GIS/mapping system.  This could include:

  • System inspection (walkdown) data and information
  • Foreign pole attachment inventory
  • Support of field data gathering and hardware/software.

Directs methods of verification and ensures accuracy of record numbering systems (such as the numbering of substations, feeders, node, equipment, etc.) on staking sheets, before releasing work order to construction, the incorporation of “as-built” information and walkdown data.


Organizes, researches, and manages easement and land records data pertaining to ongoing fiber/broadband projects, as well as contacts the public about easement forms and signatures.


Provides support for other systems (customer database, outage management) that interface with the GIS.


Reviews field data/readings and incorporates the information into the relevant database(s).



  1. Assists employees in the operation and functionality of the GIS system.
  1. Assists in the evaluation and incorporation of information from the system inspectors, linemen, and contractors.
  1. Maintains and prepares maps and map records of the cooperative’s GIS system.



  1. GIS System
  • Assists in maintaining interfaces with other software programs used by the organization.
  • Assists in the implementation of the cooperative’s joint pole use contracts including field inspections of attachments and assists the accounting department on annual billing.
  • Verifies and checks the accuracy of new construction, “as-built” information, walkdown information and incorporates it into the GIS system


  1. Performs Personally
  • The management, accuracy, and usability of the mapping system for both fiber and electric systems
  • The handling of easement records and related fiber project workflows
  • Assists with the RUS inspection program of completed work orders



  1. Helps support the engineering distribution analysis software (WindMil) as it pertains to different engineering studies and evaluations, which include work plan voltage drop studies, coordination studies, necessary modifications for system improvement for both short- and long-range plans. These plans are used to secure financing for the cooperative and to identify necessary improvements at least three years in advance.
  1. Supports engineering with system coordination studies for each of the distribution feeders.  The accuracy and connectivity of the GIS system, including equipment (reclosers, sectionalizers, fuses, etc.) locations and sizes are essential for the operation of the cooperatives electric system.
  1. Assists staking engineers in computer use to check system design, including equipment and material locations (GPS).
  1. Assists engineering with other support as requested by internal and external organizations.
  1. Assists engineering with information necessary for environmental impact studies and secures approval from necessary federal and state agencies prior to loan applications.
  1. Learns RUS construction standards and material units.
  1. Assists accounting with the annual joint pole use statements based on field information and field checks, as necessary, by engineering personnel or personally done. 
  1. Provides staking and surveying assistance to staking engineers when necessary.
  1. Directs the daily processing of completed work orders, and maintenance of department logs for control of jobs requested and released for construction.
  1. Establishes and maintains complete work order files for all completed staking sheets and developments and assists employees in securing needed information therein.
  1. Assists staking engineers, construction, and maintenance crews in service restoration during moderate and large storm outages.  Provides and records damage assessments.                      
  2. Operates and has a working knowledge of copy and printing machines.
  1. Performs other duties as assigned by engineering manager.





  1. Supervisor:  Reports to the Engineering Manager, seeks advice, provides assistance, and exchanges information with regard to the engineering department.
  1. Operations Department:  Works closely with:
    • Line crews, service people, dispatch, and staking engineers
    • Fiber (ecoLINK) staff and service people
    • Third-party contractors



  1. Member-owners:  advises and assists the cooperative as it pertains to members at every opportunity concerning status of equipment in the field and ensures that any modifications are reflected in the GIS system.
  1. Other utilities: represents the cooperative in the inventory of joint pole attachments.
  1. Works with the OKIE811 system to ensure the cooperative’s GIS and distribution system is current and up to date.
  1. Works with federal, state, county, municipal, and private-sector personnel regarding the cooperative’s mapping and data.        




Bachelor’s degree in a technical or scientific discipline highly preferred or equivalent experience with a minimum two (2) year technical degree. 




Proven work experience in a technical field desirable.  Practical experience in the use and operation of a personal or work computer is highly desirable.




Should have working knowledge of the use and operation of computers. Knowledgeable in computer design and mapping software applications.




Must be self-starting and requires guidance but only a minimum of supervision. Must be detail-oriented.  Good communication skills are required.  Must be able to communicate with the public and employees over the telephone or radio.  Must have ability to read and check maps, plats, staking sheets, legal descriptions for accuracy. Must be able to logically compose correspondence and reports, accumulate and interpret various kinds of data to affect the preparation of complete reports and studies. Must be able to deal with details and people.




Usual office conditions.  Occasional to moderate field work in all types of terrain and weather conditions.  Subject to exposure to poison ivy and insect bites and stings.  Must be accessible and may be required to work considerable overtime and be called to work for long durations during major emergencies.  Also, occasional out-of-town travel is to be expected.







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