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Exede Internet


Exede 10 - $58.90


Liberty 12 - $68.90


Liberty 25 - $75.00


Liberty 50 - $90.00


Liberty Free Zone 3am- 6am


Liberty Pass

If you go over your Priority Data limit, the Liberty Pass kicks in to give you 1 to 5 Mbps download speeds.  The speed and experience you get has to do with the time of day, your geographic location and the type of activity you're engaging in online.

During morning/daytime hours (usually from about 2am to 5pm), Liberty Pass speeds should allow you to do most of the things you want to do online.  For example, you should still be able to stream video, but not on multiple devices and you may not be able to stream high definition video.

During evening hours (usually from about 5pm to 2am) when we typically have heavy traffic on the network, or you are engaging in activities that use a lot of data (such as video streaming), your speeds will be slower.  Even so, Liberty Pass lets you avoid the restrictions automatically imposed when you use up your data allowance under our other internet plans.


More benefits:

  • Check your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ news feed

  • Manage your bank account or stock portfolio

  • Read news and magazine articles and pictorials

  • Write a blog article, post comments, and engage in forums

  • Buy and sell on your favorite online stores



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