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Security Lighting

Security lights for homes, farms and business let you look on the bright side with safety and convenience.  That's because you're adding protection for your family and property by removing dark shadowed areas from your premises.  Security lights are one of the safest, smartest, most convenient and most affordable forms of home and property protection available.            



Type & Size Customer-Owned & Maintained Co-op Owned & Maintained
LED - 50 Watt (with or without globe)   $6.79
High Pressure Sodium - 250 Watt $11.19 $14.23
Metal Halide - 250 Watt   $16.05
Metal Halide - 400 Watt   $20.33
Metal Halide - 1,000 Watt   $41.20
Additional Wooden Poles (incl. up to 150' of wire)   $2.00
Transformers or Secondary Line for lighting use only   $2.00


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