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Solar Program Agreement & Tariff

To subscribe, return your payment and completed Solar Agreement to:  

East Central Electric

PO Box 1178

Okmulgee, OK 74447



The ECE Community Solar Member Program Tariff is available on a voluntary basis to metered Residential Members at the location of their primary residence who enter into a Program Agreement with the Cooperative.



The ECE Community Solar Project is a 250 kW solar facility located adjacent to the Cooperative headquarters in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  Members may subscribe shares of the Solar Facility that entitle the Member to the output of the Facility equal to 0.1053% per share of the total production of the Solar Facility on a monthly basis.  The Member's account will be credited based on the Share Credit as described below.  Total shares available for subscription from this Solar Facility are limited to 950 shares.  A share is defined as one panel.


Subscription Price Per Share

The Subscription Price Per Share is currently $297.27.


Limited Subscription Quantity

Shares may be subscribed in quantities ranging from 1 to 25.  The energy produced by the Member's subscribed shares is not intended to exceed the total annual energy consumption of the participating account.



Each share shall be active after the enrollment period set forth by ECOEC for a Term ending September 2041 or until terminated persuant to the terms of the License Agreement.


Share Credit

During each monthly billing period, a Share Credit will be provided to the Member based on the actual energy produced by the Member's subscribed shares multiplied by an Energy Rate Credit Factor (ERCF) per kWh.

The Share Credit shall be calculated as follows:

Share Credit = A*B*C


A = Total energy output of the entire solar array facility for the prior month, as measured by appropriate metering devices

B = Energy Rate Credit Factor in $/kWh

C = The percentage of subscribed shares owned by the Member

In the event that the credit for share ownership surpasses consumption of an assigned account, the credit will be carried forward to the Member's subsequent bills for the account.  If at the end of the calendar year, credits from shares remain, the credits will become property of ECE.

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