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ECE Community Solar




What is ECE Community Solar?

ECE Community Solar allows members, regardless of income level, geographic location, or home design or home ownership - to access clean, solar energy.  Members subscribe to a portion of the output of the kilowatt hours generated from a centrally located photovoltaic system.


How does it work?

Solar panels are installed south of ECE Headquarters in Okmulgee, along Highway 75.  Members subscribe to a share (panel) or multiple shares of the system production.  Subscription price is multiplied by the number of shares (panels) each member chooses.  Members are then credited on their monthly bills based on their portion of the system production.  Participants do not own any of the panels or infrastructure.


What are the benefits?

Nothing is installed on your home or property.  You have nothing to maintain.  You have the opportunity to directly invest in a renewable energy project and receive credit from it on your monthly bill.


What happens if I move?

If you move your electric service to a different location within ECE's service territory, your credit can be transferred to your new location.  If you leave the area, you may elect to transfer or assign the credit to another member, or ECE will return your subscription cost to you on a declining basis of 4%.


Am I eligible for tax credits if I participate?

No.  Tax credits are only available to OWNERS of solar panel systems.  ECE members are not eligible because they SUBSCRIBE to ECE Community Solar.


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