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Restoring Your Power

Steps ECE takes to restore power:

  • Protect public safety.  Our top priority is to clear downed power lines to make sure roads are safe for emergency vehicles, utility repair crews and the general public.
  • Check generation facilities.  We make sure the original power source - the power plant - is operating.
  • Repair transmission lines.  These keep our hundreds of substations energized.
  • Repair substations.  The substations convert high-voltage power for home use.  Even if you have underground service, you can still lose power when substations and transmission lines are down.
  • Repair distribution lines.  These main power lines connect substations to neighborhoods and serve 1,000 to 3,000 members.
  • Repair tap lines.  These lines feed into pockets of 20 to 300 homes.
  • Connect individual customers whose power is out.  This is the most difficult and time-consuming step, but before we can connect individual homes, we must complete the previous steps.


"I saw an ECE truck outside, but it drove away.  Why didn't they fix my power?"

Sometimes a one-person crew will drive through an area to visually assess damage, then move on.  This happens when the work requires more equipment or additional crew members because of the type or extent of damage.

Other times, a tree crew is needed to remove fallen branches before repairs can begin.  But, you can be assured that we are working on the situation and we haven't forgotten about you.


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