CONTROLLER/FINANCE &ACCOUNTING MANAGER                    


January 5, 2023


To provide maximum services to the members by rendering prompt, efficient service, and communications which will promote goodwill between the Cooperative and its members. To maintain a complete and accurate set of accounting records to conform with applicable laws and regulations, and as prescribed by regulatory bodies. To promptly prepare financial statements, fiscal reports, board reports and other reports as required. Constantly monitors the Cooperative's funds for the maximum prudent investment.


A.      Reports to: Director of Finance & Accounting

B.      Directs:  Staff accountants


Must be able to read and write to effectively answer correspondence from members, vendors, auditors, and to be able to review procedures and guidelines. Must be able to perform basic mathematical computations and be able to figure present values. Work experience preferred in which there has been a demonstrated ability to carry out the position responsibilities. Must have an educational background in accounting to understand entries that must be made and how they affect the financial statements and position of the company. Must have a B.S.in accounting of related field. Must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience working with an Electrical Cooperative.



Must have verbal communication skills in order to explain benefits to employees, deal with members at certain times and to be able to effectively communicate with auditors. Writing skills are necessary in order to answer any written inquiries from consumers, government agencies, audits, and insurance claims. Must be able to communicate with the members, and to be able to maintain good working relationships with co-workers to solve any problems that may arise. Must have demonstrated the ability to learn and apply safety rules and regulations. Must have good accounting and communication skills in order to supervise and direct.



·         Prepares each month such financial and statistical reports as are required by lenders, Board of Trustees, and general manager.

·         Prepares financial requirements and expenditures reports as required.

·         Keeps and reconciles monthly, the subsidiary ledgers, registers, and other schedules which have been established as useful controls to clarify or supplement specific general ledger accounts.

·         Prepares monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reports

·         Prepares detailed back-up of all construction and retirement work orders.

·         Prepares reports: Form 7, Status of Cash and Investments, board expenses, and transportation.

·         Prepares RUS Borrowers Form 219.

·         Assists in preparing Financial Forecasts and other Loan Documents as required.

·         Assists with the performance of other duties as needed and specified by the Director of Finance & Accounting or General Manager.

·         Routinely handles the investment of the Cooperative funds in C.F.C., advising the General Manager and Director of Finance & Accounting of their status.

·         Monitors cash flow and advises Director of Finance & Accounting of their status.

·         Maintains Capital Credit records while handling allocations, retirements, and all related correspondence.



A.      Must have the commitment to achieve departmental, Cooperative and individual goals and objectives.

B.      Must be honest, maintain confidentiality of records, have concern for the welfare of others, and display tolerance and tact in dealing with people.



A.   Working conditions: Works inside under normal working conditions.

             B.    Hazards: No unusual hazards.


      The mental and physical requirements for this position include, but are not limited    

       to the following:

A.               Essential Requirements

·         Must be able to operate a ten-key and a computer keyboard to perform activities.

·         Must be able to attend work on a regular and predictable basis.

·         Must be able to communicate with supervisors, co-workers, and the public. Must also be able to give verbal and written instructions.

·         Must be able to make quick, rational decisions on your own daily.

·         Must be able to input and retrieve cost and general accounting records on the computer and all data pertinent to closing the books each month.

·         Must have the ability to perform mathematical computations necessary to balance all subsidiaries to the general ledger.

·         Must be able to deal with customers in a desirable manner when addressing inquiries on Capital Credit, and insurance claims made by consumers for damages.

IX                RELATIONSHIPS

A.      Internal


·         Director of Finance & Accounting: Cooperates with Director of Finance & Accounting in preparing reports and other accounting records as needed.


·         Other Departments: Cooperates with in furnishing analysis of expenses or special information, thereby creating a wholesome relationship in teamwork and morale in the promotion of greater efficiency and service.

B.      External

·         Members: To interest himself./herself in promotion and maintaining friendly relationships between the Cooperative and its members.


·         General Public: To promote friendly and active relationships with community functions to create interest in, and acceptance of the Cooperative's true objectives.

   X              NON-DISCRIMINATION

Applicants will be evaluated for this position based solely upon qualification, without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, religion, age, or sex.

isability, religion, age, or sex.