The Cooperative spirit is about members helping members when times get hard. If you find yourself struggling to pay your electric bill by the due date, give East Central Electric Cooperative a call for judgment-free support. Our helpful service representatives will discuss various payment arrangements and assistance programs that are available to you. Every individual case is unique and the best chance at getting the support you need is by calling in. You can continue reading to see some examples of the assistance East Central can provide.


Billing Cycle Change

East Central Electric Cooperative operates on four billing cycles throughout the month. If you are on a billing cycle that is routinely due right before your paycheck comes in, we can quickly and easily change your due date at no cost to you to one of four available due dates. This can only be done once per year.


One-Time Extension

In order to qualify for a one-time extension on your bill, you must be a member in good standing. Each extension is customized to the needs of the individual member, not to exceed past the next due date. 


Deferred Payment Plan

East Central Electric Cooperative follows the guidelines set by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission with regard to our deferred payment plan. We can defer a large bill over the course of three months. The member pays one-third of the deferred bill plus the balance that is due during each of the three months until the deferred bill is paid in full. 


Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is a federal program that can provide assistance to help families manage energy costs. You can check your eligibility for LIHEAP here.



During the holiday season, East Central Electric Cooperative hosts the Give-A-Watt program. East Central members who are in a position to lend a hand voluntarily donate to the electric accounts of anonymous members who are going through rough times.  You can learn more and make a donation to Give-A-Watt here. If you would like to be considered as a recipient of Give-A-Watt, contact the Cooperative. 


Other Assistance Agencies

While Concern for Community is one of our driving principles, many of our members need assistance services we are not equipped to provide. We partner with assistance organizations throughout our 9-county service area to help members get connected to the help they need. For a list of assistance organizations in our service territory, click here.

Please give East Central Electric Cooperative a call at 918-756-0833 so we can have a judgment-free discussion of your situation and see how we can best offer support.