As an electric cooperative, East Central Electric is dedicated to serving our members and communities with safe, reliable, and affordable electricity. Promoting energy efficiency helps us to lower members' electric bills and ensure their home stays safe from hidden electrical dangers. We offer each of the following services at no cost to our members.

The first step to solving energy and comfort problems is an energy audit. The free home energy audit can identify areas in your home that could be improved or changed to use electricity more efficiently. The result is increased comfort and lower utility bills.  We also offer rebates for energy efficient appliances and a Home Energy Audit Weatherization Rebate that covers 50% up to $500 of the cost of repairs/improvements by the auditor's report.

The energy audit includes a thorough inspection of the home including:

  • attic insulation
  • duct condition
  • hidden draft penetrations
  • blower door test
  • detailed report highlighting areas in greatest need of attention
  • prioritized list of improvements based on estimated energy saving payback


Contact our office at 918-756-0833 to request an assessment with our third-party building performance specialist today!

Our meters collect and record data about the monthly, daily, and hourly usage of your home that can be analyzed to find trends in the consumption history of your home and identify when a high-usage electric motor is running somewhere in the background. Our member relations professionals have helped hundreds of members identify and solve unseen electrical problems in their home during the span of a quick phone call, just by analyzing and discussing the data. You can see your own usage data at any time using the SmartHub app or call our member relations department to see if there is something hiding the data that can help lower your electric bills and improve your energy efficiency. 

Contact our office at 918-756-0833 to request a usage analysis.

A power quality monitor measures and records voltage, current and frequency profiles, voltage dips and surges, loss of supply, harmonic content, flicker, voltage and current imbalance.

ECE uses power quality monitors to identify any anomalies that could affect your electric service, pertaining to federal and state standards.

Call 918-756-0833 if you would like to be added to the schedule. 


The meters East Central Electric Cooperative uses are tested multiple times before they are installed. 

35,000+ member meters are read hourly with a 99% non-failure (fail to read) rate in the system. The readings are audited and meters that fail the audit are flagged. If a meter fails the audit, it is replaced. 

However, if you are concerned that the meter on your home may be inaccurately reading your usage, our team will perform a meter test at no cost to you and analyze the results. If we find a problem with the meter, we will change it out with a new, properly functioning meter and adjust your bill to reimburse whatever you were charged over your actual usage.

Call 918-756-0833 if you would like to schedule a meter test.