East Central Electric has used two-way automatic communications with our meters since 2004.  Signaling from a meter to the cooperative only occurs when data is requested by the cooperative and transmitted over the power lines.  No additional frequency or harmonics are used. 

Two-way automatic communication technology is cost effective in that it works within our substations and circuits with no additional equipment required.  This eliminates the need for installing, maintaining, relocating, or adjusting of additional infrastructure.


Electromagnetic Fields and TWACS Technology

35,000+ member meters are read hourly with a 99% non-failure (fail to read) rate in the system.   The readings are audited and meters that fail the audit are flagged.  If a meter fails the audit, it is replaced.  

Every meter delivered to the cooperative is tested against the vendor’s data sheet and verified before it is installed.  When a meter change-out occurs, a reading is again taken and compared with the vendor data sheet and recorded in the system.  If the returned meter fails the validation test, billing is adjusted, and the meter is discarded. 

Anixter Inc. tests meters for IOUs, Municipals, and Co-ops in 34 different states.

Shop Tested 2019:

54678 – 1PH Meters

5956 – 3PH Meters


Shop Tested 2020:

41355 – 1PH Meters

8276 – 3PH Meters

Meters field tested or installed in 2020: Over 210,000

Meter Analysis - March 2021

Meter Test Report

Oklahoma Corporation Commission Meter Information