Logo for Oklahoma's Electric Cooperatives PAC


Your Voice is Our Mission.

Oklahoma's Electric Cooperatives PAC gives us the opportunity to have a bigger influence on the future of electric cooperatives and strengthens our individual voices at the grassroots level!

Elevate your voice within the community and champion the leaders who represent the best interest of electric cooperatives with the support of the state PAC. Oklahoma's Electric Cooperatives PAC fosters local leadership, ensuring that your investment remains local, and reinforcing the shared values of our cooperative community. Join us in shaping the future of our state through strategic support and dedicated advocacy.

Membership Levels

1 star = $10/Month, 2 star = $20/Month, 3 star = $50/Month

Who Can Contribute

  • Co-op Consumer-Members
  • Energize credit Union Members
  • Salaried Employees with Duties Encompassing Policymaking, Managerial, Professional, or Supervisory Roles

Your Contribution Matters

Every contribution, no matter the size, amplifies our collective voice and strengthens our ability to advocate for improved benefits and workplace conditions. Your support today ensures a brighter and more secure future for electric cooperatives.

Membership Level
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