All our members count on us to provide continuous, reliable power, but none more than those who rely on life-sustaining electrical equipment. If this is you or someone at your home, you may be eligible for our Medical Necessity Program.


What It Is

Our Medical Necessity Program is a registry of residential service locations where people rely on life-sustaining electrical equipment. When planned outages or service interruptions for nonpayment are scheduled, we will attempt advance notice so preparations can be made.


What It Is Not 

Our Medical Necessity Program does not guarantee priority electric service restoration, and locations registered in the program are not exempt from planned service interruptions, nor are registered members exempt from their financial responsibilities or from the termination of service in accordance with ECOEC policies.


Who qualifies?

To qualify, the member or someone residing in the household must have life-sustaining equipment prescribed by a licensed physician. Examples of qualifying life-sustaining equipment include:

  • Kidney dialysis machine,
  • Iron lung,
  • Oxygen concentrators and certain other oxygen machines,
  • Cardiac monitory, 
  • Licensed physician prescribed heating and air conditioning equipment.


The following are not considered to be life-sustaining equipment:

  • Hot water heater,
  • Refrigerator,
  • Range or stove,
  • Nebulizers that are battery-driven, hand-driven, or self-contained
  • Battery-driven sleep apnea monitors,
  • Battery-driven cardiac monitors.


How do I apply?

Request an application by calling ECOEC Member Services at 918-756-0833, pick up an application at the ECOEC office in Okmulgee or download an application.