East Central Electric Cooperative adheres to the Seven Cooperative Principles. Two of those, "Concern for Community," and "Education, Training, and Information," are the guiding forces behind our Youth Power programming and the resources we offer at no charge to educators in the communities we serve. On this page you will find free-to-use activity sheets, educational videos, career interest surveys, and more for multiple age groups.  


Educational Videos


We depend on electricity to light our homes, charge our phones and computers, wash our clothes ... it powers our lives! But electricity can also be dangerous when used the wrong way. Keep these electrical safety tips in mind to avoid accidents and injuries.


The electric grid is a complex system of power plants, transmission lines, substations and distribution lines that transmit electric power from the place where it’s generated - all the way to electric co-op members at the end of the line.


How electric cooperatives in the state of Oklahoma go the extra mile for our members.


Did you know the average cost of electricity in your home is $5.13 per day?


Did you know Oklahoma's Electric Cooperative's serve 93 percent of the state's landmass?


Oklahoma's Electric Cooperatives lead the way in implementing sustainable, renewable energy so that every co-op member can benefit from safe, reliable, affordable energy.


Did you know Oklahoma's Electric Cooperatives have a power reliability rate of 99.99%?


If you're searching for a paycheck with a purpose, consider a career with your not-for-profit electric cooperative.


Activity Sheets

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Energy Explorers Bingo and Certificate of Completion

Electronics Efficiency Crossword Puzzle


Geared for Safety - Lineworker Gear Activity


Electrical Hazard Activity



Flipping the Switch Word Scramble


Cooperative Word Search


Family Picnic Coloring Sheet


Energy Explorers Home Safety Inspection


Swimming Pool Safety


Storm Safety Word Search


Energy Savings Fill in the Blank


Holiday Safety Word Search

Pluggy's Power Patrol Electrical Safety Quiz


Pluggy's Power Patrol Energy Efficiency Quiz


Pluggy's Power Patrol Downed Lines Maze


Pluggy's Power Patrol Electricity at Home Word Scramble


Pluggy's Power Patrol Energy Vampires Activity

Energy Terms Quiz