Electrical safety can't be taught early or often enough.

A young boy watches as a young girl attempts to put a nut on a bolt while wearing linemen gloves.


According to the most recent statistics from the National Library of Medicine, in the United States, there are approximately 1000 deaths per year resulting from electrical injuries. There are also at least 30,000 shock incidents per year that are non-fatal. Approximately 20% of all electrical injuries occur in children. The incidence is highest in toddlers and adolescents. In adults, these injuries occur mostly in occupational settings and are the fourth-leading cause of workplace-related traumatic death, whereas, in children, electrical injuries occur most often at home.


As an electric cooperative, we hope to shrink those statistics by making sure every co-op member and every child in our service territory has access to free electrical safety information. We have two types of electrical safety demonstrations that we would be happy to provide at no cost to any school or community group in our service territory. Please give us a call to schedule a demonstration today.


Mobile Trailer Demo

The demo trailer set up in a parking lot.

Our mobile trailer demonstration is transported and operated by our linemen. The cables on the trailer run at the same voltage as the overhead lines you see around you - a voltage so high that one unprotected touch could electrocute a person. Our linemen and electrical engineers walk viewers through the basics of how their electrical system works, how it is hooked up to the home to power their devices, and how to avoid common safety hazards. A fun and illuminating part of this demonstration for most viewers is when linemen use a hotdog to demonstrate what would happen if someone touched a live power line with their bare hands. This demonstration is perfect for larger groups or events in outdoor spaces. 


Tabletop Demo

Our tabletop demo on display.

Our tabletop demonstration is transported and operated by trained personnel. The demo depicts a small-town scene and uses familiar toys and characters to show common safety hazards and how to avoid them. Set-up for the demonstration requires a standard wall outlet. This demonstration is perfect for indoor classroom environments.


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