We Need Your Help to Stop Vandalism
Warning, Keep Out of Substations

Vandalism of electrical and fiber equipment results in costly damages to the co-op and our members. It is also dangerous, and can cost the vandal their life.

Within the last year, attacks on the electrical grid have made national news for causing prolonged and serious power outages. However, even when vandalism isn’t motivated by domestic terrorism, copper theft and other acts of intentional destruction can cause serious problems close to home.

In 2022, East Central Electric Cooperative spent over $25,000 rebuilding or cleaning up vandalized services. Such unexpected and unnecessary costs impact the amount of capital credits our Board of Trustees can return to co-op members each year. 

East Central Electric Cooperative maintains over 6,000 miles of electric line. While we have security measures in place at critical pieces of infrastructure, we can’t monitor the whole grid 24/7. 

We need your help to stop vandalism.

If you see anyone around electric facilities other than co-op personnel or contractors, call local law enforcement. 

Not only could you save the individual’s life and prevent widespread damage, if your tip leads to an arrest and conviction for copper theft, you may earn a reward of $5,000.