Steps to petition for East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative to be placed under Oklahoma Corporation Commission regulation:

Oklahoma Statute regarding Oklahoma Corporation Commission

5% of Members would sign and submit to the Cooperative an initiative petition in paper form to place the Cooperative under the Oklahoma Corporation Commission regulation.

The Cooperative will tentatively establish a date for a member meeting to present the petition for vote by the members approximately 180 days from the date the petition is returned.

The Cooperative would validate the member signatures to determine if the 5% minimum is confirmed.

If the petition is confirmed, the Cooperative will confirm the member meeting date for voting on the petition, and will deliver notice of this meeting with a ballot between 21 and 45 days prior to the meeting.

If the Cooperative mails information about the proposition for regulation other than the notice of the election and ballot, the cooperative shall include in such mailing any information submitted by petition signed by not less than 1% of the Cooperative’s members.

The members will be allowed to vote by delivering their ballots either in person at the member meeting or by mail.

The 5% quorum will be counted from both those attending and delivering their ballots in person and the mail ballots received.

A simple majority of votes in favor of regulation is required for approval. Upon approval, the Cooperative will notify the Oklahoma Corporation Commission of the approval within 10 days.

Source: 17 Oklahoma Statute §158.27(E)(1-4)